Daily Cooking, Daily Bakery, Daily Photograph and Daily Paragraph

……… are (some few, but) elements of my daily life.

Passionated for Nature and Flowers is another part

– to balance the daily tasks.


*A flower a day keeps sadness away*.

That’s perhaps the best way to describe the intention of one little  among several projects of mine I started with “Collet’s Collection” 364/2009 in 2009 – one picture a day.

2011 it seemt time for a startup with another one dedicated especially to flowers: Fleurs de Liz.

Flowers are chosen seasonally and going along the year’s time.

It was……and is still nothing but a little island in time while You might perhaps have Your morning tea oder coffee, a little break during the day……. to take a little breathe. Before stepping to the next of Your daily tasks and challenges.

And the end of the year 2011 I decided to keep that project online like a calendar, suitable for any following year and updated during the actual year and again day by day, in 2015 again.

In 2014 and 2015 several products head been designed following the wish of mails from readers of my blogs and posts; trying to choose also some for floral topics and lovers of nature’s and flower’s beauty, I hope You’ll find some of Your favorites among those products as well. You may choose among Cups, Mugs, Travel Mugs, Bags, Pillows, Duvet Covers and Cases and Skins for Your iPads, iPhonesSamsung Galaxy , Laptop Skins and more; and of course prints in different sizes and variations from postcard and posters to framed print e.g.


Hope You like it.